Ideal Designs and Furniture for Your Balcony

Loom Crafts Outdoor Garden Furniture A white wicker chair and table on a wooden deck.

In urban areas where population is compact, private outdoor spaces tend to be minimal. Despite large rooftop spaces or public seating areas, most apartments or condos offer very small balconies for private use. Loom Crafts offers a variety of outdoor furniture options that can still be accommodated within smaller terraces or balconies thus creating your very own private oasis.

Add Charm to Smaller Spaces Without Creating Clutter

Today, there are multiple options of smaller sized outdoor furniture to fit smaller spaces. Our range of balcony furniture such as Chaises, Sofas, and Dining sets are designed keeping in mind both large and the smaller spaces. Ottomans and pillows are another ideal way of adding additional seating and style to your balcony space as and when entertaining. Moreover, café-style furniture pieces can be easily folded and stored away when not required. These are perfect to create outdoor seating and then can be simply stored away to create space when not needed.

Breakfast at Sunrise or Dinner At Sunset

Outdoor balcony furniture enables you to take your meal to the balcony and enjoy the view. A simple table covered with a contrasting tablecloth makes for a portable, yet intimate, setting for one or two to dine. Perfect for a romantic evening with your loved one without the need for reservations or formal attire.

A Second Living Room

A balcony usually sits right outside of a bedroom or living room. Since it is so accessible, why not make it a second living room? A nice soft indoor / outdoor rug will make for perfect cushioning for your feet and give a lovely lounge feel. Add a woven chair with soft cushions and you could spend a lovely lazy afternoon just lounging. If your balcony has a ceiling, consider hanging colored drapes for light control and a splash of color.

Bring Nature Into Your Design

Pots of flowers or plants or a living wall are wonderful ways to add nature without decreasing prized real estate. If space is not a constraint, consider adding a fountain or structure with running water. Adding a table decoration such as candles or plants creates visual appeal and are also ideal when entertaining guests.
Loom crafts offers a wide range of Outdoor furniture for all types of spaces and prides itself on being the best garden furniture manufacturer in India, with a range a furniture unmatched by any other in India. Visit our range of outdoor furniture and contact us for personalised help with creating your beautiful outdoor haven!

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