Cover Your Outdoor Furniture!

Loom Crafts Outdoor Garden Furniture A rattan dining set next to a pool.

Loom Crafts, India’s leading Outdoor furniture manufacturer in New Delhi designs your furniture for outdoor use, but it can deteriorate faster when exposed to the elements if not maintained and cleaned properly. Cover your outdoor furnishings to avoid all of these problems:

Damage from Water

Water damage is very common amongst outdoor furniture and considered to be one of the foremost reasons for damage. Though, outdoor furniture is made to withstand harsh weather, furniture can decay, rot and rust if it gets wet frequently. A well-maintained cover will reduce repair and replacement costs.

Animal Activity

Bird droppings not only spoil the look of your outdoor furniture but also eventually create permanent stains on un-protected furniture. Other creatures could possibly also build nests, construct webs or leave dirty footprints behind.


A cover, while not a deterrent, but may discourage thieves from walking away with your costly outdoor furniture. It would take more time and effort to do so and possibly create more noise, increasing the likelihood that someone will notice their unlawful behavior.

Harsh Weather

Strong winds might knock over your outdoor chairs and tables or even launch them across the lawn. If in an area where it hails, then damage is also likely. Covers will provide some shield to your outdoor furniture.

Sun Exposure

The appearance of outdoor furniture could be affected by ultraviolet rays and eventually will make your furniture look old. There is a high possibility of outdoor furniture fading and cracking thus reducing the lifespan of your outdoor garden sofa sets.

Covering Methods

Some people secure outdoor garden sofa sets with tarps, plastic sheets or specialized coverings. These tend to provide affordable protection for your furniture.

Another alternative is to have an awning-style patio cover, so your outdoor furniture stays covered at all times. This will not give protection from bird droppings, weather or sunlight (depends on its placement), but at least you won’t have to constantly take off the coverings when you want to use the furniture.

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